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About Us


MoxyOh aggregates real reviews by product enthusiasts into a treasury of knowledge for MoxyOh visitors who are looking for better information for deciding “oh yeah” or “oh no” on what product to include in their next adventure. We want everyone to have the right clothing and gear for their outdoor experience.

How it works

Every time an adventurer uses MoxyOh to find a product that creates revenue for MoxyOh to share with the product enthusiasts who create the videos. Revenue can come from video views, from clicks on ads or from purchases of products. Regardless of how the revenue is generated, MoxyOh credits product enthusiasts with a share of the bounty based on their contribution to the customer’s journey.

Even you can contribute your own product review videos to MoxyOh. Like our very first video contributor, Daniel Callahan of, you too can become a part of our crew and earn rewards every time your video is viewed and contributes to MoxyOh revenue. Start by registering here.

Management Team

Benjamin Kiblinger, Co-Founder: eCommerce and affiliate network expert since 99’. Delivered over $100M in customer revenue through online advertising. Previously a founding team member for Coull, a video network reaching up to 19B video views a month. Favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, car camping and surfing.

Edward Braden, Co-Founder:  Information technology and web development expert since 90’ and a successful entrepreneur. Expertise spans IT systems support, quality assurance, development of software tools, web sites and web applications. Favorite outdoor activities include hiking, biking and ocean swimming.