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Columbia Watertight Packable Rain Jacket review

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Columbia Watertight Packable Rain Jacket review

What's up, guys? Bird from doing a review on the Columbia Men's Watertight Jacket. This is available on Amazon, runs anywhere between 40 and $65. There'll be a link and a description below if you're interested in purchasing it.
One thing I will tell you right away, it does run a little big. I normally wear an extra large jacket and I got a large and I'm happy I did. So take that into note.

I just want to give you a couple of features on the jacket. 100% waterproof. It is machine washable. It's got some Omni-Tech waterproofing, and it's fully sealed and it's breathable. Now it's not going to be the best cold weather rain gear. You know, you could layer underneath it, but this is a very lightweight jacket.

The Columbia Men's Watertight Jacket weighs 17 ounces.

It's got a front left zippered pocket, and then there's a zipper pocket both on the left and the right side. And then on the inside of the left breast pocket, there is this packable pocket here – you can see with this Velcro on the inside – to store some things.
The hood has got a domed hood as you can see here so it helps keep the rain away. And you can use these little straps here on each side to tighten the hood once you have it on.

One other thing I'll point out is on the collars here, there is some Velcro so you can adjust the sizing if you do have a bunch of layers underneath it to make it fit better to make it completely waterproof.

All right, here we are in the nice Wisconsin August day. I've got the Columbia Rain Jacket on. I have to grill on the fire. We just had to come off the lake from lightning. So I'm going to test out the jacket, see how waterproof it is, grill some brats, eat them and then let you know if it works.

All right, guys, I'm just in from the storm. I've shaken my jacket off here and it was raining tough. It was raining really hard. So I'm going to check to see how dry I am to see how the jacket worked. I'm going to see once I take it off here. Just hold onto it for later, and I'm pretty dry. I don't see any spot. I don't feel any wetness. There's a little wetness here on my wrist, but that's my fault because I forgot to latch the Velcro on the wrist. So that's my fault, but I'm really impressed.

I've used it in the Boundary Waters. It's been good. It's really light. It's got a lot of pockets. It's very portable. It looks good, and it's got a great price point at like 55 to 65 bucks depending on – it's available through Amazon. I'll put a link up below. It's the Columbia Rain Jacket. And remember, it does run one size big so order one size smaller.

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